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Lotus have made the first all-electric hypercar

Automotive history has been made as Lotus have unveiled the first-ever all-electric hypercar.

Formerly known as the Type 130, Lotus’ once-secret project has now gone public as the Lotus Evija. The exciting shape of this car is something special but nothing new to Lotus, with the chassis a part of the car brand’s DNA. However, what is all-new is the technology in action here, as the supercar runs purely on electric.

Priced at around $2.1 million USD, the Evija gets up to 100km/h in less than three seconds. This is thanks to it’s super lightweight get-up, weighing in at just 1680kg. The power, shape and weight of this vehicle allow it to exceed 200mph as well.

Truly a masterpiece of a car, only 130 of these handbuilt cars are to be released.