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LAF PLAYLIST: Jeremiah St. Juste

He was one of our Fashion Players of 2018 and the stylish Jeremiah St Juste, has given us a musical selection, too.

Definitely one of the strongest contenders for the Fashion Player Award we have ever had, the Feyenoord defender is not only a snappy dresser, but he also knows his music, too. After learning to play the piano thanks to his grandfather, St Juste still plays today and treated us to some music during our photo shoot for an issue of Life After Football last year.

As for what he listens to himself, it is less classical and more modern, as the likes of Birmingham’s Lotto Boyzz and Jaykae, Mura Masa and Drake feature on a contemporary playlist. Including music from all over the world, this is an upbeat and fast-paced playlist – perfect for pre-match.