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Kamado Joe pushes the boundaries with their latest grill

Grilling on a Kamado is the most efficient way to use fire for cooking. Originating from Atlanta, Georgia, Kamado Joe combines history, efficiency, and modern technology in a durable, stylish grill. Kamado Joe is built to perform better and last longer. The company has recently released a new grill: The Konnected Joe.

Grill Kamado Joe

The grills of Kamado Joe are also popular among footballers. Feyenoord forward Santiago Giménez has one on his balcony in Rotterdam for example. The distinctive luxury red ceramic grills from Kamado Joe have revolutionized grilling with their unique slide-out ash drawer and the groundbreaking Divide & Conquer® multi-level cooking system. But that wasn’t enough. The company continued to grill—and innovate. The result is an ever-expanding range of the world’s best grills and accessories.

Building on the success of their classic Kamado, they developed new sizes and formulas that inspire both their customers and their competitors. They were the first to create a truly airtight grill, thanks to the fiberglass gasket and stainless steel latch. Kamado Joe combined this with their groundbreaking Air Lift Hinge for the lid, a spring-loaded hinge mechanism. They addressed factors like rain and temperature control with their Kontrol Tower, the top vent that prevents leakage and accidental movement. They introduced a unique rotisserie for the Kamado, the JoeTisserie, followed by an ingenious pizza oven, the DōJoe.

Konnected Joe

The Konnected Joe is their latest innovation, incorporating Konnected technology into the classic Kamado. This allows the grill to be ignited with the push of a button, to reach temperature in 20 minutes, and to be controlled remotely via an app on your phone. The Konnected Joe also featured multiple cooking functions. The automatic cook mode offers fully digital control, while the classic mode provides a tradition kamado experience.