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January transfer? Allow Royal de Gruijter to help

This time of year can be one of uncertainty for many footballers, with the prospect of a mid-season move that the January transfer window brings.

Infamously, January moves are less straightforward than those summer moves. League seasons are already well underway so players have to weigh up what they have already and what a potential move would bring. Does the grass look greener over there?

Add to this the short amount of time that the transfer window is open for and you’ve got yourself a very stressful month. Fortunately, there are people to help out with all of the madness, like Royal de Gruijter.

A moving company with a royal seal of approval, they go the extra mile – sometimes quite literally – for their clientele. Taking care of every aspect of moving home, moving city and moving country, they don’t just handle your prized possessions with care, but they also help out with finding new neighbourhoods, new schools for the children and fixing all of the paperwork necessary. 

RdG is based in the Netherlands but can operate worldwide and have been a part of football transfers in the past with Jean-Paul Boëtius. If you’re planning a move during this transfer window, hitting up the right people could be the first step in making your new grass as green as possible.