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ICONIX: The energy drink that gives ‘focussed energy’

When you walk into a store these days, you will notice there is an array of different options when it comes to energy drinks.

All of them promising an energetic boost bet it through caffeine or more specifically, guarana, have you ever wondered which energy drink is the best for you? Well, with a new drink on the market, already of fame thanks to a partnership with Ajax, it seems we might have an answer to that question.

ICONIX is a different kind of energy drink in that, it won’t just fill your body with unfiltered energy, it will focus the energy towards where you need it. Be it some important paperwork, pre-match tactical analysis or just a boost to get you through the day, ICONIX is a lower sugar alternative to some of the other energy drinks out there.

Furthermore, they are giving people a chance to get to Ajax’s massive match against PSV this weekend. All you have to do is make sure you are following both ICONIX’s Instagram page and Life After Football’s Instagram page, then just tag a friend in the post below!

It’s that simple… another reason to rate ICONIX.