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How to keep your house safe and your mind at ease during the EUROS

With the European Championships underway, we all want to enjoy every match without worrying about the security of our home. Whether you’re watching the game in the stadium or with your friends in the local bar, you want peace of mind and reassurance that your house is safe and sound. Ring, known for its smart and affordable video doorbells and security cameras, offers the perfect solution and is your trusted partner during this exciting tournament, no matter where you are.


The only tension you should be experiencing during the EUROS is the tension of the matches of your favourite country. Whilst you are paying full attention to what could be a last-minute winner that sees your team go through to the next round, Ring is keeping your house safe. 

If your partner and kids are watching the match at home, you can celebrate with Ring’s two-way talk feature, making these moments even more precious. Your children can say hi to you through the security cameras at home or you can watch your dog that is still at home whilst you are cheering the country on. But you can also use the Ring Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) as your VAR at home. 

Your VAR at home

We all know the scenario: Dishes are stacked above the dishwasher, the last chocolate bar is mysteriously gone, and everyone claims innocence. In these moments, you can turn to your assistant, the Ring indoor camera. Just like in the EUROS, where the Video Assistant Referee helps the referee make decisions, the Ring camera helps solve household mysteries and unmask the guilty party, obviously with a touch of humour.


The home security products that Ring provides are user-friendly, effective, and all connected through one app. With the Ring Indoor Camera (2nd Gen), you can keep an eye on everything inside your home. You can plug the compact security camera into any electric outlet. Are you in need of a bit of privacy? No worries, because by using the manual, removable Privacy Cover you can turn off audio and video with a simple swivel. 

In addition to the free version, Ring also offers various paid subscriptions like Ring Protect. Benefits include 180 days of video history, photo capture, enhanced notifications, extended warranty and discount on future purchases. 

Now it’s time to go to the match and create memories that will last for a lifetime knowing that your home and belongings are secure. Ring got you!