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Here’s to the weekend: CasaRon

Unless you are taking to the pitch, the weekend is the perfect time to relax with a glass of something special.

Recently at our Footgolf event, we were reacquainted with an old friend in the form of CasaRon, one of the finest rum experts out there. Hailing from the rum motherland of Cuba, this brand does things traditionally and you can taste the expertise in every sip of their famous drinks.

Cocktails were served halfway through the course during Footgolf and fortunately, we did not notice a change in performance before and after the pit stop! There were also CasaRon products at the bar which, thanks to expert bartenders, came in the form of delicious cocktails and rum classics.

It was a pleasure to welcome a brand that represents extraordinary rum houses in Cuba, right there in Rotterdam and, as people who have experienced what this rum house can offer, we’d like to raise a drink to the weekend with them!