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Here’s how hannah’s ‘skin coaching’ is helping Olympic athletes…

As well know, sport at the very top level is intense.

It takes a tough mentality and tough physicality, but can also be tough on our skin, too. hannah know all about this and, in working with top athletes like bronze medal-winning speed skater, Antoinette de Jong and the hockey hero gold medalist, Lidewij Welten, they are making a difference in the sports world.

Their new campaign says that ‘my skin deserves the best skin coach every season,’ and their sports massages and more are providing just that service. Just ask Antoinette and Lidewij…

Antoinette, your sport is high-intensity and high-speed. Can Speed Skating be tough on your skin?

A: Due to the air pressure, many of our training camps take place at altitude. But because of the dry air, it is also really heavy for your skin. Especially the combination of high-intensity training or racing with the dry air. 

Lidewij, the same question to you. Can the intensity of hockey be tough on your skin?

L: For sure. Sport, in general, is really tough on the skin. It is not only competing, but I train every day so there are a lot of showers, plus the effect of the burning sun when competing outside.

As an athlete, so much of your time must go to training, so is it important that your skincare routine is easy to do?

A: In my life, a “normal” day has two moments of training. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. But to recover, I also have a rest period in between. So it is important that my skincare routine is easy to do, not only just because of time, but also because it is important for my skin to do the routine every day.

L: Yes absolutely. I can get lazy with it and I’m not one to spend too long in the bathroom. I like to get a sports massage about once a month and I also use mask products and creams from hannah, too. It’s a good mix.

As we know, hannah are experts in Skin Coaching and sports massages. How do hannah help both your recovery routines after workouts?

A: If you want to perform at a high level, your body must be fully balanced. And because hannah takes care of my skin and cleans my head by facial massage, I can find that balance that is so vital. When I’m happy with how my body feels, I feel like I can perform at my best. 

L: I’ve been working with hannah for a while now and what their sports massages do, is motivate your skin to work for itself. A happy athlete is a good athlete and if I feel good about my skin then I’m happy.