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Hästens collection with Ilse Crawford showcased in London…

Life After Football recently had the pleasure of seeing some of the most finely crafted products of the year unveiled for the first time this month, as the Swedish luxury bed brand, Hästens, showcased their collection with Ilse Crawford in London.

The Being collection, uses gorgeous natural materials such as hemp and linen, creating pure comfort and the perfect atmosphere for a healthy body and mind to rest within. Hästens see the star of the collection as the headboard which, thanks to a tactile feel and a gentle slope, is ideal for those relaxing mornings where we stay in bed for a just a little while longer.

‘The quality of your day depends on the quality of your sleep.”

As always, the esteemed British designer, Ilse Crawford, puts human needs and good health at the centre of her work and there is a very wholesome feel to this range. Based in the hectic metropolis that is London, Ilse knows how important good sleep and relaxation is and you can definitely get a gateway to such possibilities with the Being collection.

The event to showcase this collection was at Hästens’ store in Notting Hill and the brand’s owner, as well as Ilse Crawford were present. Also involved was a sleeping guru who educated the crowd on the importance of sleep and sleeping well. ‘The quality of your day depends on the quality of your sleep,’ was one message to take home to our own beds. With such importance on sleeping well, it is clear to see why people invest in their beds and as a result, their sleep and themselves.

They also shared a story about a particularly interesting experiment, a study that showed men that have slept in a good bed score better with the ladies… so maybe something to think about for the guys out there!

Crawford’s focus on sustainability was clear and admirable, too, with the fabrics used not only good for the environment but good for us, the sleepers, thanks to breathable fabrics. Such is the quality of these beds, that they are long-lasting from generation to generation.

As for Hästens, this worldwide brand knows good quality when it sees it, and the result of this collaboration is yet another beautiful addition to their extensive catalogue.