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FYI: The illy blend…

Wake up and smell the coffee, for it’s time for FYI.

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This time we’re looking at the art of coffee and one of the most influential brands that make it. It’s the most important thing to start the day for some of us. Nothing beats the smell of coffee in the morning and if it happens to be illy that’s going in your cup, you can expect one of the finest coffee tastes around.


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Starting your workday, in the right way. #LIVEHAPPilly #MondayMotivation

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The taste of Illy coffee is recognisable everywhere with their worldwide appeal being obvious no matter where you are. And no matter where you may be, that coffee will taste the same; velvety soft and refined. The illy blend consists of nine types of Arabica, obtained from the best harvests on three continents, picked by the best pickers. 

Based in Italy, surely Europe’s premier coffee spot, the expertise is tasted in every sip be it espresso or cappuccino.