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FYI: Max & Luuk has the outdoor furniture you didn’t know you needed…

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As the summer starts to fizzle out, we are keeping the outdoorsmanship of the season alive with some beautiful outdoor furniture from Max & Luuk. Under the guidance of the legendary garden furniture brand, Borek, Max & Luuk is the epitome of Dutch design.

Longevity, robustness and functionality combine with a modern aesthetic and flair throughout all of Max & Luuk’s 2019 collection. Keen to not follow any old trend, they pride themselves on abiding by trends that matter, taking the best parts of furniture past and present to put into their own work.

Expect a range of materials and an emphasis on comfort whether you are furnishing the area around your pool or your inner-city rooftop. What we’ve shown you here is just a sample from their vast collection of outdoor furniture, that you can see more of on their website.