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FYI: MAESONS barbershop

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Working with none other than Dutch goalkeeper, Michel Vorm,  MAESONS is a whole new concept. At this new mancave on the Voorstraat in Utrecht, you can go for a new haircut or beard treatment, but also be watching sports at the same time.

The shop is particularly proud of it’s “Menicures by MAESONS”, a manicure and / or pedicure for men. With this new concept, MAESONS wants to offer customers a complete experience, which is not only about looking good, but also about feeling good.

Since 2009, MAESONS has been providing men with a fresh and tight haircut or beard trim. Since April of this year, that offer has been expanded with the sports bar and “menicures”, devised by the aforementioned professional footballer, Michel Vorm.

“This concept was not yet available in the Netherlands – and in this way, I can still be involved with sports. Football has, of course, given me everything and I am still grateful that I have been able to turn my hobby into my profession. But I know there is also life after the sport. That is partly due to the fact that I grew up in my father’s hairdressing salon.”

If your local to Utrecht, or willing to make a journey, MAESONS is well worth a visit. Head to their website for more information and read about Michel Vorm in our new issue.