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FYI: Club Med have the perfect relaxing breaks

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This time, we are looking at what might be the best relaxing break there is to be had, from Club Med.

A household name in holidays, Club Med has destinations all over the world from sun-drenched beaches to snow-covered ski slopes. But they also have some great expertise in spa and relaxation vacations, too.

Wherever there is a Club Med resort, there is a centre of spa and wellness. A moment of relaxation with a view of the sunset, a treatment with essential oils after an intensive day on the slopes. The Club Med spas have that little bit extra. And there is no doubt that the biggest names in the world of wellness and beauty care are among them.

Record your session in the spa when booking your stay at a Club Med resort and prepare yourself for true relaxation, with the likes of yoga and pilates classes on offer if you feel like the sauna isn’t your thing. With so many destinations across the world, if there is a holiday for you then there is a spa for you, too.