Footgolf 2019

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One of our favourite dates in the calendar has just passed and Life After Football wants to thank all of the partners for making Footgolf 2019 a succesful event.

Everyone looked excellent thanks to Umbro’s kits and were fully refreshed all day – whatever your drink thanks to IllyCasa RonTaittengerIconix and Vicente GandiaGreen Contractors had the beautiful Seve Golf Center looking it’s best, whilst some were made to look a fool taking on the BOSS challenge!

Away from the course it was a pleasure to showcase what Curaçao and Papagayo can offer and unique brands like Hair World Istanbul made it a global affair.

Meanwhile the football culture brand Bolas felt right at home, Motorola enjoyed yet another Footgolf and Graper Automotive showed their innovations, too.

Congratulations to all our winners and special thanks to GASSAN and Omega for providing a timeless prize.