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Footballer’s Choices: A home theatre and a perfect coffee…

In every issue of Life After Football, we offer some fine products that are finely tailored to the life of a footballer.

In issue 59, fronted by Matthijs De Ligt and AnneKee Molenaar, we’ve picked a combo of products perfect for some relaxing time at home. Whilst De Ligt will be moving into a new home in Turin, these additions would probably be very welcome…

Iced coffee from illy

For many people, Italy is the home of coffee and illy is one of the finest brands to produce it. The unique illy blend of 100% Arabica with ice crystals offers a fresh and creamy way to enjoy illy. Great to drink pure, but also to use in surprising, summery recipes.

Home theatre from Samsung

The Samsung 2019 8K and 4K QLED TVs have been available in the Netherlands since the end of March. The full 2019 QLED line-up consists of more than twenty models of 65 inches and larger – for the optimum home experience. What is a home without a home entertainment system? The perfect way to unwind after a game or intense training session.