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Father’s Day tip: Burlington and Lavish blend fashion and flavour

What do you get when an iconic legwear brand teams up with a well-known pre-mix cocktail brand? That’s right, a Burlington X Lavish Whisky Cola flavoured ‘Socktail’. 

Lavish Burlington Whisky Cola
Lavish Burlington Sock

In the past years, both Burlington and Lavish have gained a lot of popularity. Known for their attention to detail, both houses present a Whisky Cola flavoured cocktail, making this beverage the drink for this summer’s upcoming sultry nights. 

Burlington is renowned for its classic argyle pattern, with roots in British history and the symbolic affiliations of Scottish clans in the early 18th century. Just as Burlington socks boldly embrace tradition through various eye-catching colours and one-size-fits-all convenience, Lavish does so with its diverse range of cocktails, created to suit every taste, mood, and occasion. Inspired by travelling and global adventures, Lavish presents tasty cocktails that start the party whenever – and wherever you are. 

The Burlington X Lavish can features the iconic argyle print, offering a lightly carbonated ready-to-drink cocktail. It blends the smooth richness of whisky flavour with the sweet and bubbly taste of cola. Known for combining convenience and affordability with international refinement, Lavish turns traditional cocktails into easy-to-enjoy treats. A spirit that Burlington embraces fully. A tasty sip with a stylish step. Cheers to that.