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Everlast x G-Shock

Now here is a watch that really packs a punch, as Everlast collab with G-Shock.

This boxing glove inspired Casio is the result of a joint effort between sports brand Everlast and the iconic timepiece range that is G-Shock. Everlast’s history very much belongs in the ring, with the brand helping to kit out and train some of boxing’s biggest stars over the years.

As for G-Shock, the famous line has collaborated with many including the likes of BAPE back in the day. This latest boxing-heavy release comes in a vivid red like a boxing glove, with a tough exterior from the watch face right down to the packaging. 

Equipped with Bluetooth, the GBA-800 G-SQUAD isn’t just tough it is clever, too. The watch can calculate calories, track steps and more, making it a perfect watch not just for those who throw punches in the ring, but for any athlete. Retailing at around $175 USD, the watch is available from both brands who have helped to create it.