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EURO 2024 dreamteam: Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Louwman BYD

UEFA EURO 2024 has all the makings of a sporting success, but the organization also harbors significant green and sustainable ambitions. Therefore, BYD, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric cars, has committed as the Official E-Mobility Partner to the European Football Championship taking place in Germany from June 14 to July 14. In the Netherlands, Louwman BYD brings together the passion for football and mobility with Charge Up Your Game. Giovanni van Bronckhorst coaches this campaign.

Gio van Bronckhorst BYD
With Charge Up Your Game, Louwman BYD and Giovanni van Bronckhorst embark on the upcoming European Football Championship (June 14 – July 14). Together, they show how you can fulfill significant sporting and sustainable dreams. Movement and technology are the connecting factors. At the European Football Championship, players are in top condition, and the sport is continuously evolving. New technologies contribute to a smoother and fairer gameplay. BYD makes sustainable dreams come true. With the help of high-quality, innovative technologies, electric models like the SEAL, ATTO 3, and DOLPHIN are in top form and make travel movements more sustainable. This aligns with BYD’s mission to pass on the earth responsibly and sustainably to future generations. These and other dreams and goals are extensively covered during appealing activations and events.

Scoring together

Giovanni van Bronckhorst has built a significant name in national and international football. The former player of clubs like Feyenoord, Arsenal, and Barcelona, as well as the Dutch national team, has two European Championship appearances to his name. Nowadays, he is a coach and is dedicated to S.V. Gio, the Giovanni van Bronckhorst Foundation. With this foundation, he encourages youth from Group 7 and 8 to formulate their own dreams and work towards them. Doing your best in school, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, sports, and (especially) fun are the key points. Giovanni van Bronckhorst: “BYD and I have come together because we both want to work in our own way towards a better future. With Charge Up Your Game, we have one goal: scoring together!”
St√©phanie Ruitenbeek of Louwman BYD on Charge Up Your Game and the collaboration with Gio: “With Charge Up Your Game, we celebrate the European Championship and bring together the passion for football and sustainable mobility. Sustainable mobility is not about moving less but making every movement more sustainable. In Gio, we have found a great partner who understands better than anyone else that technology is essential for progress. In addition, we see in his foundation S.V. Gio a wonderful commitment to creating a better life for the next generation. That’s what we at BYD strive for every day.”