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Eric Cantona reveals a Ford legend

Celebrating our past while reinventing our future. A car that only Ford could build. The legend is back. Athletic all-electric performance rewires Capri for the EV generation. Sports car acceleration, more than 620 km driving range, fast charging … and more than 570 litres of boot space. Is this the ultimate car for a getaway?


Past meets future. The original Capri is a cult classic. The new all-electric Capri is the car the iconic sports coupe was destined to become. No other family EV has heritage like this.

Rebellious to its core. You need swagger to pull off Vivid Yellow. And who said a massaging driver’s seat couldn’t be standard? Or that your touchscreen couldn’t slide to reveal secret storage? The new Capri tears up the rulebook.

Intelligent technologies can help keep Capri on best behaviour on the open road and in the city, from automated lane changes at the flick of a switch to watching out for cyclists as you open your doors.

“If you want the perfect example of how Model e is transforming the Ford business in Europe, look no further than our new all-electric Ford Capri. A cutting-edge EV, designed and built in Europe – Capri has soul that can only come from a brand with genuine heritage.”