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Editor’s Pick: Philips S9000 Prestige

Our Editor’s Pick is reserved for only the best of the best in terms of products and new releases.

Funnily enough, we actually have SC Heerenveen’s Sam Lammers to thank for this pick, too, as it’s the Philips S9000 Prestige shaver, featured in footballer’s Daily Routine.

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A men’s essential, this shaver embodies comfort and control. Designed to glide across your skin so smoothly, the goal when the great minds at Philips designed this was to create a shave as close to a blade as possible. However, it’s this, combined with the comfort of something far more, with the ability to cut each hair so closely even on a 7-day beard.

With wireless charging and a small screen on the front, the hub of personalising your settings to suit your shave to your face, this is truly an innovative product worthy of our Editor’s Pick. 72 blades combine, tailored to one face… yours.