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Eastpak’s CNNCT collection is for business and pleasure…

When it comes to luggage and rucksacks, few can deny Eastpak’s position at the very top.

The American brand has a commitment to quality that is so consistent, that once people buy one Eastpak product they tend to stick with their backpacks and luggage from there on in. Their aesthetic can range from the simple and timeless, to the original and quirky, but they always retain that strength, that durability and that quality that means people wear their logo on their travels all across the world.

They have recently expanded their range with the CNNCT collection. A unique satellite collection fuses urban aesthetics with highly durable materials and intelligent design features for travellers who like to blur the boundaries between business and pleasure. Perfect for your laptop, your chargers, your suit, your shirt and more, robust triple-twill poly fabrics, extra-durable coatings and versatile features make this one of the most premia Eastpak collections to date.

Comprised of 7 completely new styles, in CNNCT Black and CNNCT Coat colorways, each item in this collection has a very modern feel, but still the classic DNA of Eastpak is felt. The Tecum (coming in S, M or L), Tecum Top and Tranverz (also is three sizes), cover all areas to help you explore new areas and revisit your regular destinations.

The Tecum rucksack is packed with smart features such as separate fleece-lined laptop and padded tablet sleeves, whilst the Tecum Top has external pockets and internal compartments for better organization. Finally, the Tranverz uses premium materials, has clever compartments and an utra-smooth wheel system to help you glide to your destination.

This new range is available from