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DUAL Duel: Cook like a champion with the Philips Airfryer Dual Basket

This upcoming Friday, The Netherlands will play a highly important group-stage match against France in EURO 2024. But whether your country wins or loses, with the Philips Airfryer Dual Basket you will always be a champion in the kitchen. Prepare Dutch bitterballen and French quiche simultaneously and enjoy a delightful variety of snacks. Experience an unforgettable European Championship with the Philips Airfryer Dual Basket and cook like a true champion!

Philips Dual Basket Airfryer

Only with the Philips Airfryer Dual Basket 3000 Series can you prepare two different dishes and serve them warm at the same time. This way, every family member’s preference is quickly on the table, whether it’s a bitterbal for the Dutch fans or a quiche for the French. This Philips Airfryer comes with one large drawer for main dishes and a smaller drawer for side dishes or single meals. 

Easy cooking 

The touchscreen features eight preset temperature and cooking time settings for fresh fries, frozen fries, chicken, meat, vegetables, fish, cake, and reheating to make the process even easier. The cooking times of the two drawers are automatically synchronized, so the food is ready to be served together. 

Thanks to the Philips patented Rapid Air technology, you don’t have to worry about burning or undercooking. This technology ensures optimal circulation of hot air, not only around the food but also through it. This provides the best cooking results: crispy, tender, and evenly cooked.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for the next match, gather your friends and family and get yourselves a Philips Airfryer Dual Basket, which is now available for €199.

Philips Airfryer