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Driving through the USA with BMW X7

Thursday morning, 6:00 am – I wake up to the sound of my alarm. Full of excitement and expectation I close the zip of my suitcase and order my uber to the airport. My trip to Savannah and Orlando with BMW is about to begin. With, in the lead role: BMW X7.

The BMW X7, or: the largest SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) that BMW ever released. This ultra luxury showstopper, which is no less than 5.1m long and has three rows of seats as standard, is our vehicle for the coming days.

With my height (1,60 m to be exact) the choice for a car with a size like the BMW X7 is not an obvious one. Honestly, I admitted to having slightly clammy hands behind the wheel when they asked me to try the car. Fortunately, my nerves quickly give way to confidence. Because that’s what this car oozes.

With full speed, music from the Bowers & Wilkens speakers and the massage chair in position three, I tear over the broad roads that make the US recognisable. In my rearview mirror appears an immense, black Suburban: the car that normally makes me move to the left. Except now. Today we are on the same level.

Not only the size of the BMW X7 is impressive; the standard options, such as the Verpasca leather upholstery, a three-part panoramic roof and mood lighting including Welcome Light Carpet Dynamic Interior Light, also make you want to get in the car – and stay there for the next few hours. That is exactly what we do throughout the weekend. Occasionally we also stop to admire the car and the beach in Orlando, Florida. My time with the car is over for now, but fortunately, we still have the pictures.

Available from May 2019, from €115.617.