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Dave fan raps ‘Thiago Silva’ at Glastonbury… Thiago Silva responds!

If anyone with a football-heavy social media timeline caught any of the world-famous Glastonbury festival last weekend, it was hard to miss London rapper, Dave’s rendition of Thiago Silva.

If there wasn’t already enough people there to see it live, the performance went well and truly viral after Dave invited a fan to come on stage and rap the track with him. Thiago Silva, originally performed by Dave and AJ Tracey, was played out to the Glastonbury crowd by Dave and a fan called Alex, picked from the crowd and wearing a PSG shirt with the defender in question on his back.

His flawless rendition of the lyrics quickly became an online sensation and it wasn’t long until Thiago Silva, who the track is named after, saw the scenes himself…

Not a bad weekend for Alex, then, who will be remembered as one of the heroes of Glastonbury 2019.