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Buddha to Buddha to release new collection with Davina Michelle

The Amsterdam jewellery brand Buddha to Buddha is launching a new gold collection with Davina Michelle.

The Rotterdam singer will also be the face of this new line that will release on November 1st. With this new collection of luxury, gold jewellery, Buddha to Buddha is taking the next step in expanding. Having specialised exclusively in silver for 20 years up until 2018, this golden duo of Buddha to Buddha and Davina Michelle brings an expansion to the brand’s debut 18-carat gold line.

The most successful Dutch female singer in Top 40 history, it is quite likely that Davina Michelle’s music will go down as timeless and therefore, this makes her an ideal face of this new range. Buddha to Buddha has said: “We chose Davina because it fits well with our brand. She is beautiful and stylish, but also has a raw edge. We recognise ourselves in that. In addition, Davina has been a fan of our brand for a long time. A collaboration was, therefore, a logical step.”

To be sold online and in selected stores, this range will be released on November 1st.