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Bowers & Wilkins celebrate their new partnership with David Beckham

British audio brand Bowers & Wilkins recently hosted an exclusive event in West London, “An Evening with David Beckham,” to celebrate their new long-term partnership with the iconic British footballer. This collaboration between two well-known names in London culture, highlights the partnership and the event, showcasing the synergy between Beckham’s refined taste and Bowers & Wilkins’ commitment to audio excellence.


David Beckham and Bowers & Wilkins have joined forces to create a distinctive combination of style and sound. The partnership highlights Beckham’s passion for music and his appreciation for Bowers & Wilkins’ superior sound quality and unique craftsmanship. During the event, award-winning broadcaster Lauren Laverne led a fireside chat with Beckham, exploring his lifelong love for music, influenced by his parents and now shared with his family. Beckham shared, “I love going to record stores, especially in London…my youngest son Cruz is obsessed with going to record stores, always coming back with lots of different records.”

The evening also featured an intimate performance by Jordan Rakei, Grammy-nominated artist and Abbey Road Studios’ first ‘Artist in Residence,’ which helped to enhance the event’s musical atmosphere. Beckham emphasized the importance of superior sound quality in his decision to partner with Bowers & Wilkins, stating, “For me, it’s always been about the sound quality…I’ve always been into the detail and the moment I sat down with Bowers & Wilkins, I knew that this was a partnership that I wanted to happen.”

Gospel Estudios represents a new frontier where David’s refined taste meets Bowers & Wilkins’ pursuit of perfection. Beckham’s collaboration with the brand underscores his long-term appreciation for their audio excellence and premium design. This partnership promises a blend of style and superior sound quality that fans of both Beckham and Bowers & Wilkins can look forward to.

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