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LAF 56: Behind-the-scenes of your dream move

Taken from Issue 56 of Life After Football…

The ink on the new contract is just drying, the signature has been set. What now?

More money brings more responsibility, but a little help would be ideal. If only to help understand those small Spanish letters.

Fortunately, there is Hoek en Blok. The company has been helping to understand that small print since 1990, in any language whatsoever. Rozeboom, a financial planner at Hoek en Blok says: ‘Our Spanish is muy bien. There is knowledge available in our network of many other languages and, more importantly, local regulations.’

Hoek en Blok advocates a wide range of high-quality financial services. Bookkeeping, tax advice and legal assistance are just some of the expertise they have on board. Rozeboom: ‘We are part of an intensively collaborating, international network. This ensures that we are represented in no fewer than 75 countries. Depending on the demand and the wishes, we bring customers in contact with the right parties. Most of the time this is in English, so that Spanish course is not necessarily necessary.’

The future? They prefer not to think too much about it at Hoek en Blok. Nevertheless, it is important to plan ahead, especially in the financial field. Especially when it comes to the future of your children. Rozeboom: ‘It is certainly very important to think about that now. It gives peace to have things well arranged. So now, you can already be reaping the benefits.

In addition, saving does not have to be as boring as we sometimes think. Rozeboom: ‘The financial planning is based on the wishes of the customer. The main goal is that sufficient resources are available at all times to do nice things, to live on.”

Learn more about Hoek en Blok and their financial expertise via their website.