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A BVLGARI scent for the summer and beyond…

As much as a signature pair of shoes or jacket, a signature scent can be a stand out trait for any man trying to make a mark.

And the BVLGARI MAN collection tells the story about the connection of the man with the world around him. Inspired by the wildness of the Italian coast, the new perfume absorbs the earthiness of Man Wood Essence (the scent before it) and focuses on the sun, creating a fresh connection between man and nature.

The structure of the perfume is down to master perfumer Alberto Morillas, who has created a warm woody perfume inspired by nature and the Mediterranean sun. Fresh and energetic, full of contrasts and elegance, composed of vital essences inspired by various elements of the bitter orange tree. The fragrant tones of the perfume are the luminous essence, an opening of beautiful neroli that is floral, green, solar and fresh.

Then you have that Reconnecting Essence, a cedar soul that breathes leather, warmth and amber. White musks include the basic tones that are a BVLGARI signature. The emphasis on the power of nature and freshness goes down to the design of the bottle, brought to life in metal and gold and vibrating with the of the sun.

This is one of the most well-thought out and perfectly delivered fragrances in years, and one perfect for keeping you at your fresh best in the summer sun.