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5 of the best Instagram posts this week…

Lionel Messi’s holiday saga continues as now Luis Suarez joins him in the sun.

That and more in the best of football Instagram this week…

Lads on tour

For the third week in a row, we’ve got a holiday flick of Leo Messi.

Now joined by friend and frontline teammate Luis Suarez, these two are likely to be fully refreshed ahead of the new season.


Virgil on the cover of FIFA 20

‘A dream come true’ says the Liverpool defender, as he is unveiled as one of the cover stars of the next FIFA video game.

Behind-the-scenes of Memphis’ new music video

Somehow this nasty nutmeg didn’t make the final cut for Memphis’ music video, Fall Back.


The photo of the week from Pedro…

What a goal this was…


Meg Rapinoe went sneaker shopping…

Not many soccer players have been asked to go on the iconic Sneaker Shopping series run by Complex, but Meg Rapinoe showed everyone how it’s done.