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Xabi Alonso becomes a coach at Real Sociedad

Obviously, we always take an interest in footballer’s lives ‘after football,’ and it seems that Xabi Alonso couldn’t stay away from the game for too long.

The former pass master of Liverpool, Real Madrid and Bayern München, has returned to where it all started at his first club Real Sociedad. The Basque side have employed their former player as the coach of their B team.

The World Cup winner played for Real Sociedad B himself, graduating from the club’s youth team and helping the club to qualify for the Champions League in the 2003-04 season. Returning as a World Champion and multiple time Champions League winner, Alonso will be looking to pass on his experience to the young players at Sociedad.

Real Sociedad’s president Jokin Aperribay, has said: “This is one of my most important days as president. Xabi Alonso’s return joins the past with the present, history with emotions.

“That a football figure like you comes back is an honour for us. If you teach half of what you know we will make a champion team.”