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These are the highest-paid footballers of La Liga

The crowded football calendar, battles for television rights, huge sponsorship contracts, salaries and transfer fees into the hundreds of millions. On top of that there are new football formats such as the Nations League or the renewed format of the Champions League. It’s safe to say that commercial and financial interests weigh heavily in modern-day football. It’s not without reason that there has been growing discussion in recent years of a Super League, a league that would replace the regular, national league containing the biggest European football clubs. At the same time, we saw a large number of players go to Saudi Arabia for huge wages in recent transfer periods, in which the financial aspect outweighs the sporting one. In this weekly column, we highlight the highest-paid players of each league, with this week the Spanish La Liga.

Highest paid players La Liga

The golden years of Spanish football may seem to be behind us with the departed greats like Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Pique or on the Madrid side with Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcelo, Casillas, Xabi Alonso and many others. But FC Barcelona and Real Madrid remain two of the world’s biggest clubs. Especially the Madrid side remain undoubtedly successful. As a result, the two giants lead this list of the highest-paid players.

1. Frenkie de Jong – 720.000 a week

The Dutch international Frenkie de Jong is considered one of the successors to FC Barcelona’s legendary midfield. And these are big shoes to fill. A versatile midfielder, he brings exceptional ball control, vision and tactical intelligence to the team. His ability to dictate play and break through the opponent’s lines has been crucial for both defensive solidity and creative build-up, making him a cornerstone of Barcelona’s midfield. And that, of course, is worth something.


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2. Robert Lewandowksi –

€520.000 a week

Barcelona’s acquisition of Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern stemmed from their pursuit of a world-class striker to bolster their attacking prowess. With his exceptional goal-scoring record, experience at the highest level, and ability to lead the line effectively, Lewandowski was seen as the ideal addition to enhance Barcelona’s offensive capabilities. But to do so, the Catalans had to dig deep.


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3. Toni Kroos – 469.000 a week

Toni Kroos, the first Real Madrid player in this list, has been instrumental in the club’s successes for years, showcasing his exceptional passing range, tactical astuteness, and leadership in midfield. His precise distribution and ability to dictate tempo have been pivotal in orchestrating attacks, while his experience and composure under pressure have provided stability and guidance to the team during crucial moments.


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4. David Alaba – €433.000 a week 

David Alaba is a versatile defender renowned for his defensive prowess, exceptional ball-playing skills, and tactical intelligence. His ability to excel across multiple positions has made him an invaluable asset for his clubs like Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.


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5. Luka Modrić – €421.000 a week 

Last but not least: Luka Modrić. His impact at Real Madrid and Croatia has been immense. His exceptional vision, precise passing, and ball control have been pivotal in orchestrating attacks and dictating play. Alongside Toni Kroos, Modric forms a formidable midfield partnership, contributing significantly to numerous successes for both club and country.


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