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The place to eat in Amsterdam: Michelin-star restaurant Daalder

Every plate is fun and each dish is prepared with the finest seasonal ingredients, is perfectly balanced, and has an explosion of flavours you’ll long to experience again. It’s the vision and mission of Chef Dennis Huwaë and his team at Daalder. The chef is famed for his creative dishes and does not shy away from contrasting flavours. His talent lies in the harmony he achieves using various ingredients. In Restaurant Daalder you’ll be taking on a journey through his culinary masterpieces.

Daalder restaurant Amsterdam

Restaurant Daalder offers various menus. First of all, there’s the Daalder Experience. With an innovative six-course tasting menu, you’ll be surprised by the restaurant’s creativity. The food is not just a feast for the eyes, but also for the palate. Additionally, Daalder also serves the Dennis’ Favourites menu, which consists of a selection of his favourite dishes, each with a unique twist. They also offer an à la carte option for those who prefer a more personalised experience tailored to your taste. 

The creativity is endless at Daalder. “My mind never stops, you know,’’ says Dennis Huwaë. ‘’I can taste it as soon as I imagine it. New combinations of flavours. New dishes. In the process of perfecting one recipe, I come up with four new ideas for the next dish. When I’m working on one plate, I immediately find a way to make another dish even better. It’s an endless process.” 


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