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The most beautiful football kits of EURO 2024

From the Tour de France and EURO 2024 to the Olympic Games and Wimbledon… A fantastic sports summer is about to begin. Of course, our attention is drawn to the UEFA European Championship. Football fans from all over Europe will make the journey to Germany this summer to come together and celebrate football. The preparation for the tournament has truly begun in the past few months, and that includes the unveiling of the kits. We’ve compiled the most beautiful jerseys for you, and we’ll let you in on a little secret: There are some gems among them.

Euro 2024 Best Kits

Although we’ve dared to make a selection, we leave the ranking up to you. These are the most beautiful jerseys in random order for EURO 2024.


We simply can’t ignore Belgium this summer. They have fantastic home and away shirts. While the home shirt is very clean with Bordeaux red colors, the away shirt is light blue. The away shirt draws inspiration from the famous Belgian comic character Tintin (Kuifje), featuring a classic collar with a button, stylish print, and details such as a golden crown at the neck.


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Italy and Puma were a golden and historic combination for year. But recently, the Azzurri has been sporting adidas gear. Some football romantics may find the transition dreadful, but it still remains a typical Italian shirt. The azure blue colour is, of course, preserved. Additionally, we find the Italian-coloured adidas stripes a nice detail. Another cool detail is the snippet of Italy’s national anthem on the neck: “L’ITALIA CHIAMO”.


The Portugal away shirt for 2024 features a stunning print inspired by the Portuguese Azulejo style. Azulejos are decorative tiles found throughout the country. They serve not only as decoration but also as an art form, with various blue figures on a cream-coloured base. All details on the Portugal EURO 2024 away shirt are kept in a deep blue shade, including the subtle mosaic, the round neckline, the sleeve cuffs, the Nike swoosh, and the taping along the sides. Given its eye-catching print and beautiful dark blue details, this shirt cannot be missing from this list.


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Both the home and away kits of Les Bleus for the final tournament in Germany are magnifique. The home kit is a splendid blue with a blue-white-red collar, and on the chest, there is a huge rooster. This harks back to shirts from the mid-20th century when their national symbol also occupied a significant part of the shirt. The away kit is perhaps even more beautiful. A white shirt with blue vertical stripes gradually transitioning into red stripes. And once again, that enormous rooster. Both shirts are super sleek and clean. With these magnificent kits, the talent factory will once again fight for the title.


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Country host Germany gets to wrap up this magnificent list. The home shirt is a typical German one with a nod to the past. Retro is hot. And also with the Germans, the shirt winks at the classic 1994 kit. Similar to the Italians, we see the colors of the national flag reflected in the recognizable adidas stripes on the shoulders of that shirt. In this variant, the colors blend into each other. Furthermore, the away kit is also worth mentioning. You either hate it or you love it.


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