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New Netflix documentary ‘The Final: Attack on Wembley’

Next summer heralds the long-awaited return of EURO 2024 in Germany. From June 14th to July 14th, enthusiasts of the beautiful game can once again anticipate a captivating spectacle. In the previous edition’s European Championship final, delayed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, England and Italy faced off. While the Italians occasionally tasted success, it had been a while for the English. But, what was meant to be a joyous football celebration ultimately unfolded into a drama. It’s all captured in the new documentary: The Final: Attack on Wembley.

Docu Day Attack on Wembley

It’s coming home

England was having a great tournament and beat one opponent after the other. Topscorer Harry Kane propelled the English to the final at ‘home’ at Wembley through a penalty kick. All the ingredients were present: The passionate Italians, the football-loving people of England, the magical historic stadium, and of course two high-quality teams. After a nerve-wrecking final, in which penalties were to decide the outcome, Italy emerged victorious. The dream of the English shattered, but the damage proved to be even greater in hindsight.

The major disappointment, and possibly the social consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, led to a massive outburst among the English fans. There were riots outside the stadium. 6,000 fans without tickets attempted to gain entry. The scenes of chaos outside the stadium tarnished what was supposed to be a celebration of football. The incidents led to widespread condemnation and raised questions about crowd control measures and fan behavior at major sporting events. This drama has been captured in the new documentary: The Final: Attack on Wembley.

The documentary will be available to watch on Netflix from May 8.