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SPARTA: Back where the club is at home

Clubs in the Netherlands don’t come much more historic than Sparta Rotterdam.

Back in the First Division, this club has a fascinating history that simply needs to be told. And now it has, better than ever, thanks to a book written by some die-hard fans and talented writers.

Dennis van Bergen, a reporter for Algemeen Dagblad, followed Sparta for a year in craving for this ultimate goal. Together with supporter Niels Fieggen, Dennis describes the soul of Sparta. A fascinating story about the oldest club in the Netherlands and the way back to the Eredivisie. Lydia from the reception has a story and also Kel from the Denis Neville Tribune can talk a lot about the experiences on Spangen. Just like super-fan Nico, regular guest on the support site ITWM.

 “Sparta is like an old house. The floor creaks, there is a crack in the window on the garden side. In some rooms it smells of times long past. But the club has something unique, something authentic. Something that stands out. People have lived there. People laughed, cried, partied and mourned. “

Available from the club’s fan shop, this is a really special release sure to be loved by both fans of the clubs and those who simply love football history.