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Red Star FC release new jerseys on Google Street View

The day when the Parisian cool kids at Red Star FC unveil their latest home shirts is becoming an important day in the pre-season calendar.

Creatively designed by their main man, David Bellion, the French club never disappoints with anything they do, bringing that trademark swag to everything their iconic logo touches. Another season is ahead with adidas and Vice as their shirt partners, with the three stripes looking as smart as ever on this green gradient design.

As for the alternative jerseys, we’re given eye-catching pink and orange jerseys for the culture club, whilst their goalies will look imposing in a fluroscent outfit. And they haven’t held back with the lookbook for the new shirts, using Google Street view to put the club’s spiritual and literal home of Saint-Ouen on the map.

Playing with Google Street View to unveil our jerseys is like entering the matrix,’ says Bellion, the Creative Director of the club. ‘Putting Saint-Ouen in the center, showing our neighborhood, the suburbs, and the soul of the Red Star. And always and again, take inspiration from reality. Then there is a tech and innovative side. An interactive troll infinite level.”

The jerseys are available from the club’s webshop and purchasing one is a good way to support a club with its heart in the right place. Here’s a to a prosperous season ahead for Red Star.