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Ray’s Beach Club release World Cup football jewellery

Football and fashion creatives, Ray’s Beach Club, have crafted one of the releases of 2019 so far with these stunning necklaces.

Using iconic World Cup footballs of the past, the LEGO® FEVERNOVA, LEGO® 98 TRICOLORE and LEGO® 98 TEAMGEIST pieces combine nostalgia with a 925 sterling silver chain. Affiliated with brands like TENS CLUB and Nivelcrack, these fun but undeniably stylish releases are typical of the brand.

The TRICOLORE ball was the first World Cup football to not be black and white and brings back memories of Zinedine Zidane using his head in the final of 1998. The TEAMGEIST was the ball of the German World Cup and brings back memories of Zinedine Zidane using his head in the final of 2006.

Elsewhere, the beautiful FEVERNOVA from 2002’s Japan and South Korea World Cup has been made into stylish neckwear, too, in what is a genius release from this brand. All three LEGO® pieces are available from the Ray’s Beach Club website.