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Player of the Weekend

Club football returned after the last international break of the season and, straight away much of it was fast-paced.

Title races are heating up across Europe as there were twists in all of England, the Netherlands and Germany. But our Player of the Weekend can only be from one league and this weekend, they came from the Bundesliga where BVB retook their lead at the top.

Bayern had threatened to keep their footballing little brother at an arm’s length since returning to form, but a wobble this weekend allowed Dortmund a way back to the top. And their main man? As he has been throughout much of the season, Paco Alcacer was vital.

Not one but two late goals, just when the game was looking like a stalemate, ensured that the nerves felt in the Yellow Wall would pass and flourish into scenes of joy. The scene was set when BVB were awarded a free-kick in shooting territory on ninety minutes – the sort of scenario that requires a big player to take responsibility.

The Spaniard did just that, before later finishing off the game by tucking away a pass from Jadon Sancho. BVB are now two points ahead of Bayern Munich and play their great rivals next week.