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The ‘misunderstood’ English talent Anthony Gordon: ‘’My confidence comes from my preparation’’

The 23-year-old Anthony Gordon was named The Player of the Tournament during last summer’s UEFA European Championships U21 as England went on to win the trophy. His good form from the summer has transcended into this season at Newcastle United. He’s been one of the most outstanding players in the Premier League this year and was recently awarded with his full international debut for the first team.

Anthony Gordon The Overlap Gary Neville

Anthony Gordon has been a misunderstood footballer since he forced a controversial move from Everton to Newcastle. For him, the move was a no-brainer, but many Everton fans were left disappointed by the decision of the homegrown talent. He struggled to make an impact in his first six months, which led to many people doubting whether he was worth the 40 million pound price tag. After an impressive campaign, which may earn him a spot on the plane to Germany for the upcoming European Championships, all doubt has sailed. 


In an interview with Gary Neville, Anthony Gordon opened up about the reasons behind his transfer as well as his mental preparation for games. ‘’My preparation for a match starts two days before. Three days will be set out to the minute. I try not think about the game, but it’s more meditation and visualisation.’’

The Englishman reveals that he visualises everything that will happen in a game and what his opponent will play like. ‘’When a chance comes, I feel like I’ve already lived it. All I have to do then is to be present and actually trust my abilities rather than overthink. My confidence comes from my preparation.’’ When asked who influenced this mental preparation before matches, Gordon has no clue. ‘’No one around me is anything like that, they are not really into that. I just love learning stuff and throughout my growing-up years I’ve taken a liking to learning about psychology.’’ 


Even though Gordon is only in the beginning of his career, he already knows that he wants to inspire or lead people after football. ‘’I feel like my end-calling after football may have something to do with that, whether it be through football, through management, or down the psychology route. I’m so invested into that, so it surely has to come to fruition at some point.’’

The full interview, that will certainly leave you with a different perception of Anthony Gordon, can be watched below.