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Jürgen Klopp now has his own New Balance shoes

We hear about players getting their own boots, but this might just be a first.

It’s fair to say that Liverpool manager, Jürgen Klopp has his own look. Always in a tracksuit, usually with a hat on, glasses and beard, he is easily identifiable. Now, his trademark look will go down all the way to his shoes, as New Balance release a sneaker in collaboration with the German.

The NB1 X Jurgen Klopp 990V3 is the shoe that the man himself will be wearing whilst he runs up and down the dimensions of his technical area and occasionally, only occasionally, onto the pitch in either anger or joy (the two look very similar on Mr Klopp).

Of course, they come in a Liverpool red with ‘YN’ and ‘WA’ on the back of the left and right shoe respectively, standing for the club’s iconic motto, You’ll Never Walk Alone. We don’t think that many sneakerheads will be rushing out and camping overnight to buy these Klopp trainers, but it’s an interesting development nonetheless.