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Jamaica’s women’s team protest after not being paid

After a summer in which equality in sport was high on the agenda, Jamaica’ women’s football team have continued the fight following their treatment by the Jamaican FA.

The Reggae Girlz made history in the summer, featuring in the nation’s first-ever Women’s World Cup. However, having not been paid for their efforts or service to the country, the team has refused to train ahead of their upcoming fixtures as a form of protest.

Their striker, Khadija Shaw has publically said that the protest is “about more than just money”.

On her Instagram account, Shaw said: “We are in a position where we are literally fighting just to get paid by legal agreements. [This is] about change, change in the way women football is viewed, especially in Jamaica.”

“We deserve more and they can do better. For this reason I, along with my team-mates, won’t be participating in any future tournaments until being paid.”

This generation of female footballers in Jamaica has already fought for change, becoming the first women’s footballers to sign contracts with the Jamaican FA. This latest story shows just how much work there is still to do to find gender equality in the sport, with the FA yet to comment on the matter as of yet.