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Jackson Irvine: ”I would have probably got sacked there if…”

Jackson Irvine is not just known for his football prowess; his distinct character has earned him recognition in the realms of style and music. Irvine’s long hair and moustache exude a laid-back Aussie vibe that captured attention during the 2022 World Cup. This season he led St. Pauli as the captain to a championship victory, securing their promotion to the Bundesliga. In an interview with SoccerBible, he talks about the mutual appreciation between the St. Pauli fans and him and his passion for music.

Jackson Irvine

In 2021, Irvine made the move from Scottish club Hibernian to German side St. Pauli. This transfer can be considered a success, with last season’s championship in the 2. Bundesliga. But it was not only a success in terms of sports: The Aussie feels at home at the club, believing he can be himself and that he is appreciated for it. ”Here, if the fans recognise that you appreciate the club, that you work hard and that you’re there to give something back, they respect you, whoever you are. They particularly appreciate my musical background,” says Irvine.

It is a big difference from the more conservative clubs earlier in his career, like Celtic and Ross County, where he was expected to conform. ”It was a step back in terms of conservatism. I was constantly getting told to cut my hair, don’t wear coloured boots, don’t do this and that,” according Irvine. ”God, if I’d have turned up with my fingernails painted, I would have probably got sacked.”

Punk head

”Since I came to Germany, I’ve become more of a punk head, which ties perfectly to Hamburg and St. Pauli. My partner is also into punk so it’s been a great move for both of us.” It’s no coincidence that “Hells Bells” by AC/DC echoes through the stadium when Irvine steps onto the field. The club from Hamburg is known for its connection to the music scene, particularly the rock and punk scene. ”The Millerntor is rocking, the Jolly Roger flags are waving in the stands and those big power chords run right up your spine. An Aussie pub rock song on the football field, it’s perfect for me,” says Irvine. His passion for music even earned the creative mind his own radio show on Byte FM. ”I’ve got a show called Heimspiel which means “home game” – a love letter back to St. Pauli and its music culture. It’s just a chance to share a little bit more about me and show something personal behind the music I’m liking right now.”