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How to responsibly invest your money as a footballer in 2024

As a footballer, it’s wise to invest or save the money you earn during your career to ensure you have an income after your playing days are over. By investing in areas such as real estate, you not only create passive income but also avoid spending all your money each month. Do you want to invest your money responsibly? Then it’s a good idea to contact Raymond Spenkelink and Stefan Woestenenk from FundingBase because the market is changing.

FundingBase Life After Football

FundingBase mediates between parties seeking funds and those looking to lend money. Raymond and Stefan help their clients find the best financing that fits their personal preferences and needs. They serve as your personal contact for business and real estate financing. As a footballer, you have enough on your mind, so FundingBase takes care of the financial details, allowing you to focus your time and energy elsewhere.

Shifts in real estate investment

Recently, FundingBase has noticed a significant shift among real estate investors. While renting out an apartment with a good return was attractive in the past, this is now less appealing. “Due to recent and anticipated changes in laws and regulations in The Netherlands, combined with the current interest rate market, we see more people selling their real estate and using the freed-up liquidity to provide private loans,” says Spenkelink. A private loan is a loan you arrange without the intervention of a bank or credit provider. Spenkelink finds it logical that real estate investors are looking for alternatives, as achieving a good return is now challenging. The Affordable Housing Act often makes it impossible.

Private loans as an alternative investment

Providing a private loan secured by a mortgage can be an excellent alternative, according to Spenkelink. “In the current market, you can easily ask for seven to eight percent interest. If you take on slightly more risk or allow us to call you last minute for a serious loan, that rate can even rise to around twelve percent. The ratio between risk and return is really good.”

Expertise in the football world

The men of FundingBase are also very familiar with the football world. Not only have they been active football fans for a long time, but they also participated in the Life After Football Footgolf 2024 event with their own team led by former footballer Ron Vlaar. So, if you want to invest your money responsibly for a good return, are looking for personal investment advice, or need a loan for an exciting project you’re working on, don’t hesitate to contact Raymond and Stefan from FundingBase.