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How Heung-Min Son continues to smile and maintain his mental health

Son Heung-Min has been one of the best players in the English Premier League for years. He is not only a big star because of his football capabilities, but he also radiates positive energy. Teammates often mention how the South Korean is one of the nicest people in football. He continuously smiles, laughs and jokes to lighten the room and boost the morale of the people around. In conversation with Tatler, Son opened up about his mental health and shared some tips.

Heung-Min Son Mental Health

Footballers as ambassadors

Football is the biggest sport in the world and has the greatest stars. With the rise of social media, the influence of footballers has only increased. The new generation has grown up with social media and knows how to make good use of it. Players have built a huge name, fan base and followers over the years. This makes footballers the perfect ambassadors for brands. An example is the collaboration between Burberry and Son Heung-Min. The South Korean has been considered one of the stars in the Premier League for years, but is also a role model in the Asian world. Burberry managed to strike a big blow by bringing in Son. In this way, Burberry gained reach not only in the European market, but also in a large part of the Asian market.

So with the combination of his popularity and his character, it’s no wonder that Son was recently picked by AIA Singapore to become its inaugural brand ambassador, motivating the community towards embracing a healthier lifestyle and nurturing their overall well-being. At the announcement, Son shared lessons from his experiences as a professional footballer, underlining the significance of purposefully managing both physical and mental well-being.

“It’s really hard to find this balance,” says Son against Tatler. ”We have seen many players who have had mental problems or physical problems. But I’ve been playing professional football for almost 15 years now and I think one of the main things we have to do is eat well and sleep well. Not only is it important for me as a footballer but also for anybody, especially those who are working.”

“Have good people around you; family and friends you can talk to and who can help you with any issues,” shares Son. ”I always have my parents around me and they always give me life advice. I think in order to find balance in this mental aspect, it’s very important to surround yourself with the people that you trust and love.”