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FC Barcelona release new home shirts

It’s always an interesting moment when FC Barcelona reveal their new home shirts, even if they are usually very similar. However this year, the Catalan club has mixed things up.

Inspired by the gridded layout of Barcelona as a city, the club have used a chequered design instead of their usual stripes. Of course in their usual colours, this is a bold decision from FCB and Nike as they move away from tradition – often a controversial move. But it is not the first time that the club has changed their kit so drastically.

The hooped kit of 2015/16 was a big change at the time, but surely moving away from stripes completely is bigger news. Furthermore, amongst the players modelling the new kit for the big unveil, are integral figures to the city itself with Marie-Eve Beaulieu & Laura Souek, entrepreneur Diana Ballart, photographer Berta Vicente, chef Carlota Claver, artist Albert Barque, architect David Andres, mathematician Xavi Ros-Oton, illustrator Amaia Arrazola & designer Wekafore wearing the new shirt.

Available from both FC Barcelona and Nike, expect to see these shirts all over the world.