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Dutch rap group Broederliefde launches their own football talk show

The men of the Dutch rap group Broederliefde are embarking on a new adventure: Their own football talk show. With ‘Matchday,’ the artists are bringing a fresh, positive voice to the world of sports talk shows. The show promises a mix of football news, cool guests, exclusive reports, and exciting challenges with top athletes and artists. The first episode of Matchday goes live on June 5, leading up to the European Championship, on the YouTube channel of Supergaande. The first season is produced in collaboration with adidas.

Matchday Broederliefde

The sound of Broederliefde, who were named Best Group for the tenth consecutive time at the FunX Media Awards last week, has long been dominant in the dressing rooms and playlists of many football players. Recently, Broederliefde celebrated the cup victory of the Rotterdam club Feyenoord. The group’s unconditional love for football began on the football pitches in Spangen, where the five boys met each other. The dream of becoming professional footballers was strong and almost came true. The boys once played in youth teams of FC Utrecht. When a professional football career ultimately didn’t pan out, music became a successful plan B. Today, they play together in a friends’ team and stand in the stands at Sparta every weekend. With Matchday, a football dream still comes true. In collaboration with Adidas, they are launching the first season.

Love for Football and Culture

With Matchday, Broederliefde is targeting the young online generation who love football and everything around it. The show emphasizes positivity and love for football while exploring the broader sports culture, including music, fashion, and international sports events. Humor and love are central, but there is also room for tactical analyses of Koeman’s system. Edson, Emms, Jerr, Mella, and Sjaf follow everything from the Champions League to amateur leagues and are friends with many of the world’s greatest players.

In the first episode, the men of Broederliefde look ahead to the European Championship with presenter Soufiane Touzani and Ajax player Jorrel Hato.

Broederliefde: “Matchday is a dream come true. We are not only avid Sparta supporters, but Emms, Jerr, and Mella also played at a high level in their younger years with footballers who now have professional careers. In the dressing room, we were always rapping together, so it feels like the circle is now complete; making a program about football with friends from the sport with a lot of passion and love.”

Matchday is a collaboration between Broederliefde, De Stroom, FC Afkicken, Supergaande, and Top Notch. Matchday consists of ten episodes. The first two episodes will be released on June 5 and 12, leading up to the European Championship. During the tournament, the program will be broadcast live immediately after the matches on the YouTube channel of Supergaande.