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Meet the Bundesliga footballer who is also a tattoo artist

From leading his team to Europe’s grand stages to pursuing his passion as a freelance tattoo artist, meet Christopher Trimmel, the captain of Union Berlin. Trimmel is currently in his 11th season with Union Berlin, having traversed the spectrum of football leagues from the 2. Bundesliga to the illustrious ranks of the Europa League. In addition to leading his team, Trimmel nurtures his creative instincts. As a professional tattoo artist and owner of his own studio, he’s already charted the course for his life after football.

Christopher Trimmel

How passion was born

Trimmel tells about his love for tattoos in conversation with “The art has always been a hobby. I’ve always liked to draw and to paint. I wanted to study art at some point as well. I had my first tattoo done 15 years ago by a friend of mine. He suggested I start drawing with him, something I ended up doing. He saw a lot of talent in me. That’s how I got into tattooing, step by step. I started in Vienna. I was at his studio a lot. I watched, learned, designed and tattooed. Now, in Berlin, I’ve been a freelance tattoo artist for the past two years. That’s how it started.”

Top-class art

Trimmel is then queried about both his own tattoos and those of his colleagues. “I haven’t had anything done personally on my body. It’s all been done by a really good friend of mine”, said Trimmel, who then gives an intriguing colleague as an example. ”There are a lot of interesting tattoos. I check them out but the one that stands out are, for example, Ibrahimovic’s back. It interests me a lot because I follow his tattoo artist on social media. That is top-class art.”

Tattooing the fans

As last, also seeks clarification regarding a special initiative Trimmel had planned following Union Berlin’s promotion to the Bundesliga. He offered fans promotion-themed tattoos as a gesture of gratitude, in exchange for material valuables. “There were very, very many! What I did was I set five tattoos up for a raffle. There was a winner. I’ve already given him one. There were so many applications. At the moment, I think I have given 40 or 50 fans tattoos. It’s a special story so, afterwards, we talked about the promotion; about that moment. A lot of them were in the stands. That’s why it was so fun.”