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Celtic-legend Henrik Larsson: ”I’m so tired of the game”

The Swedish football legend Henrik Larsson, known for his iconic dreadlocks and electric playstyle, walked away from his storied career in 2009. Larsson was one of the top strikers of his generation, leading European clubs such as FC Barcelona and Celtic to both domestic and European success. Now, more than a decade since he stepped away from the pitch, Larsson is growing sceptical of the game he once loved. 

Henrik Larsson

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Larsson opened up about his opinion on the new age of football and how money has become a corrupting presence. “I’m tired of the game because more now than ever it’s about the money,” he said. “I never cared about money. It was about playing football, the love of the game”. Larsson remembers how his perception of money didn’t interfere with his footballing journey, stating: “I had an opportunity to go to Manchester United in the 1990s from Celtic. I would have earned more, maybe £10,000 or £15,000 a week more. But I had just found my feet [at Celtic] and I wanted to go on with that. I didn’t feel I needed to go somewhere else.” 

Larsson also took issue with the way his boss, Ronald Koeman, was sacked while they both were coaching at FC Barcelona. Larsson blamed the unrealistic expectations set by Barça’s executives on Koeman for infecting the atmosphere of the club, claiming that the demands are so high. “It was terrible the way Koeman got sacked, the way we got sacked.” 

New passions

Larsson, with his love for modern football fading, has become involved in other activities that are quite different from his previous profession. His passion for entrepreneurship led him to create his own sporting brand, Seven of Sweden, which has a clothing line specifically engineered for people who play padel, a custom line of padel rackets, and aims to become a ‘lifestyle brand in sports’. 


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His affinity for competition has also led him into a new obsession for golf. Larsson started golfing in the early 2000s when he played for the Scottish side Celtic, with it now taking up much of his daily free time. 

What’s next for Larsson?

Despite this, Larsson has not completely detached himself from football. Larsson, alongside Dutch footballing legends Ronald Koeman, Dennis Bergkamp, and Dirk Kuyt, are in the process of acquiring a professional team in the English Football League. In a recent episode of the KieftJansenEgmondGijp podcast, super-agent Rob Jansen, who is also in the investor group, stated that Larsson is the top choice for the club’s vacant manager role, while Bergkamp will oversee the academy operations. 

On a more personal level, Larsson recently became a grandfather, and is often seen attending matches of Danish side FC Copenhagen, where his 26-year-old son Jordan plays professionally.