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Alessandro Buongiorno: “Wearing the Azzurri jersey is an honour”

Alessandro Buongiorno represents a new generation of Italian football by combining technical ability with a charismatic style of leadership. Buongiorno recently sat down for an interview with NSS magazine to discuss his journey from the streets of Turin to the captain of Torino FC, highlighting his play style, leadership, and outlook on his future in football.


Alessandro Buongiorno, a native of northern Italian city Turin, has become a prominent talent within Italian football. As the captain of Torino FC, his technical skills and budding leadership qualities have made him one of the standout young players in Serie A. Buongiorno’s connection to his home city, as well as the structure of Turin itself, have profoundly influenced his career and personal style. “What I like about Turin is that the city has a human scale, is not too big and chaotic, but offers everything you need,” Buongiorno says. The stable environment within Turin has helped him develop a balanced approach to both life and football.

Buongiorno’s leadership on the field mirrors his composed and dedicated character off the pitch. From his early days in the first team, he began to mature as both a footballer and leader. “My maturity and leadership qualities are, I think, an innate quality that I had to work on when I was younger”. At only 25, Buongiorno has established himself into a captain who contrasts his maturity with his youthful drive in order to get the most out of his teammates.


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One key trait that Buongiorno embodies in both football and his personal life is adaptability. “Just as I adapt to different situations on the pitch, I do the same in everyday life.” This ability to exercise flexibility allows him to navigate various demands and responsibilities with ease. His focus remains on the present, ensuring that he is capable and ready for any situation. “My relationship with the future is to focus on the present,” Buongiorno says.

While looking ahead to the European Championship, Buongiorno’s approach remains grounded yet motivated. “Maintaining this level will not be easy; it requires a lot of concentration and commitment,” he admits. Despite the pressures, Buongiorno is excited for the opportunity to play on one of football’s biggest stages, and is driven by the honor of representing Italy. “Wearing the Azzurri jersey is an honour for many. There is nothing better.”

Alessandro Buongiorno’s journey from Turin to the national stage exemplifies the blend of talent, leadership, and style that defines modern Italian football. His ability to stay humble while aiming for the highest honors sets him apart as a role model for other young players and fans alike. Make sure to keep an eye out for him as central defender for Italy in their first match against Albania on June 15th.


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