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adidas reintroduces iconic F50 football boots

After earlier hints of a return, it’s now official: The sports brand adidas is reintroducing the iconic F50 football boot. Between 2004 and 2015, the F50 was worn by some of the greatest and fastest players ever. Who doesn’t remember Lionel Messi’s famous ‘boot kiss’ after the winning goal against Manchester United in 2009? Or Arjen Robben, who in 2013 shot Bayern Munich to victory in the Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund on his blue F50s? The F50 has a rich history and is therefore one of the most recognizable boot silhouettes of the Three Stripes of all time.

Adidas F50 football boot

Today, the F50 returns to support a new generation of players in creating their own legacy. With the F50 limited edition ‘Fast Reborn’, adidas introduces a striking design. The design honours the story of the F50 through a nostalgic, reinvented rendition of the ‘Chameleon’, the purple F50s Messi wore at the 2010 World Cup. The memorable purple base colour receives a new, more modern aesthetic with fresh bright yellow and white details. In honour of the reintroduction of the F50, the Argentine superstar was the first player to be seen wearing the new F50 Fast Reborn last Sunday, May 19.

But the F50 Fast Reborn is more than just a design throwback. Based on feedback from both amateur and professional footballers, the shoe underwent a series of technological updates designed for even more speed. The Fast Reborn is the precursor to an entirely new F50 model set to be released in June of this year. Sam Handy, VP Product & Design of adidas Football, said: “The design of the F50 Fast Reborn acknowledges the place that the F50 holds in football history, while also looking ahead to the future. We are excited to enter a new F50 era and show fans of this icon what else we have in store for them in the coming months.”

The Elite Laced (€270) and Laceless (€260) models are available online starting today and through selected adidas stores and retailers.

Florian Wirtz F50 football boot adidas
Rafael Leao adidas F50 football boot